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Highland Secrets, Dragon Lore Book One

Get the whole series! All four books! Highland Secrets, To Love a Highland Dragon, Dragon Maid, and Dragon’s Dare.

Highland Secrets: Furious and weary, Angus Shea wants out, but no matter how he feels, he can’t stop the magic powering his visions. The Celts kidnapped him when he wasn’t much more than a boy and forced him to do their bidding. He’s sick of them and their endless assignments, but they wiped his memories, and he has no idea where he came from.

Dragon shifters are disappearing from the Scottish Highlands, and the Celtic Council sends Angus to investigate. He meets up with Arianrhod, legendary virgin huntress from Celtic myth, in Fire Mountain, the dragons’ home world.

Arianrhod prefers to work alone, mostly because she harbors a dirty little secret and guards her privacy for the best of reasons. She’s not exactly a virgin, and she’d be laughed out of the Pantheon if the truth surfaced. Despite the complications of leading a double life, she’s never found a lover who tempted her to walk away from her fellow Celtic gods.

Attraction ignites, hot and so urgent Arianrhod’s carefully balanced life teeters on the brink of discovery. Angus is everything she’s ever wanted, but he’s far too close to her Celtic kin to keep her secret safe. Angus wants her too, but she’s a Celt. He’s hated them forever, and she’s part of everything he’s lain awake nights plotting to escape from.

Can they risk everything?

Will they?

If they do, can they live with the consequences?

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  1. I love your artist! The book covers are amazing and really portray the story inside. The stories…what an adventure!! Thank you for those.

  2. I didn’t get my free copy of Winning Glory (GenTech Rebellion Book 1) how do I go get my copy as its $2.99 at Amazon.

    • If you signed up for my newsletter, the link for Winning Glory is in the first automated email you get from me.

  3. i enjoy the read, keep-up the good work

    • Thank you!