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Edge of Night

Here’s a roadmap to Edge of Night. Welcome to an eclectic collection of nine short stories. 

Stories include:

~The Call~
~The Wolf Next Door~
~The Oracle~
~Three Into Two Won’t Go~
~The Benson Hut Ghost~
~Through a Glass Darkly~
~A Run For Her Money~

You’ve done time at the edge of night. Nail-biting, stomach-churning time filled with hissing snarls, menacing growls, the whoosh of unnatural wings, and the flash of hellfire. Time that lasts forever, but is over within seconds because time becomes unpredictable in places like that. You don’t want to stay, but it’s too fascinating—in a grisly, macabre, toe-curling kind of way—to turn your back on. You recognize it, though. The place just at the threshold of darkness where it’s not quite safe anymore. Evil broke its bounds at the edge of night, or maybe it always ran free and we’ve been deluding ourselves all along.

Join me for nine supernatural tales. Monsters, demons, gods—fallen and otherwise—ghosts, aliens. A touch of science fiction. More than a splash of romance. From magical lands to a chilling glance into the past, Edge of Night has something to tempt everyone. Everyone who craves danger, that is. It takes guts to read the stuff woven into nightmares.

It’s a tough job, but you’re up to it.

Welcome to my world. A world where magic holds court and the dude next door just might be a demon. Or a shifter. Or an alien.



  1. I would like to read and review this book

  2. Just purchased, sounds very interesting.

    • Thanks, Dina!