News and Updates

I have a brand new website just devoted to audio. Eventually, I will phase this page out in favor of the new site. It’s if you’d like to take a peek.

During the last part of 2016 and moving into 2017, I’ve made a full commitment to audio. By February 2017, I’ll have 30 titles available with more planned for the remainder of that year. Audio takes time to produce, and it’s taken me a while to locate high quality narrators. One of the most interesting things about this process has been that the books truly do come to life. Even though I wrote them–and have read each multiple times through writing and edits–they feel “new” when I listen to the audio versions.

To make things more convenient for my readers and listeners, I’m bundling each series as the audio is complete. That way, you can buy a single title and read or listen to the entire series.

er_audiopromo1Listen to all three Earth Reclaimed books. Click on the titles for more information, sample downloads, and buy links.





Earth’s Requiem 
Earth’s Blood
Earth’s Hope
Boxed set with all three books

Listen to both Rubicon books! Click on the titles for more information, samples, and buy links. Also available as a boxed set with both books.




Boxed set with both books


Listen to all four Dragon Lore books in audio. Click on the titles below the image for more information.




Highland Secrets
To Love a Highland Dragon
Dragon Maid
Dragon’s Dare

Listen to all three Coven Enforcer books in audio. Click on the titles below the image for more information.





Blood and Magic
Blood and Sorcery
Blood and Illusion

Listen to all three Wolf Clan Shifter books. Click on the titles below the image for more information.






Alice’s Alphas
Megan’s Mates
Sophie’s Shifters



All three Demon Assassin books are out in audio. Be sure to check out Hollie Jackson’s amazing narration of this series.



Witch’s Bounty 
Witch’s Bane
Witches Rule


All five GenTech Rebellion books, the Alphas in the Wild books, and the Underground Heat series will be next for audio. Icy Passage and Marked by Fortune will also find voices for their characters before the end of 2017. I hope you enjoy the audio versions of these books as much as I have!