In addition to continuing to write, I’m adding editing services beginning January 2018. I don’t plan a particularly aggressive business plan, nor do I want more than a handful of clients. I figure I can edit about one full-length book a month beyond my own writing schedule.

My credentials include two Ph.D.s, one in the hard sciences and the other in psychology. I have a solid grasp of story structure, character arcs, grammar, and syntax. More importantly, I have “on the job” experience. I began my writing career with several small presses. It was only after twenty-six books that I moved into the Indie world. I understand the value of fast turnaround and a quality product. I now have over fifty books out, many of which have hit “bestseller” status.

My rates vary from .003/word to .006/word and up, depending on what you’re looking for and how much work I assess your manuscript will need. Not all manuscripts will be a good fit for my background and skillset. I offer a free sample edit of the first five to six pages of the book you’d like edited. It will give you an example of how I work, and it will allow me to assess how much I’ll charge for working on that particular manuscript.

If you’re interested, contact me at ann@anngimpel.com